BRADEN Winch Meets with Offshore Leaders to Support Service Standards in Nigeria.

November 08, 2019
BRADEN Offshore TG_Gulf Crane Meeting 2019

Oklahoma, USA Nov 2019 - BRADEN Winch met with industry service leaders to discuss the establishment of standards in the Nigerian offshore oil market. Otobong Amos, Executive Business Development Director for Thompson & Grace Investments Ltd., and Brandon Bollinger, President of Gulf Crane, traveled to BRADEN headquarters in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma to discuss the importance of using approved and certified Authorized Service Centers and genuine factory parts when servicing offshore hoists. As a result, BRADEN will be presenting a hands-on training and information program for Thompson & Grace Investments Ltd. technicians in Nigeria in Q1 of 2020. The program will be designed to demonstrate proper preventative safety maintenance as well as official factory rebuild and API standards. In addition, Thompson & Grace Investments Ltd. plans to hold a Technology Day in conjunction with Gulf Crane, BRADEN and Crane Smart to showcase the equipment and expertise related to operating standards in offshore cranes and hoists.