PACCAR Service in the Chilean Rain Forests

October 16, 2015
Above: Gunter and Hillenburg reinstall a piston.

CHILE - Service Manager Joe Hillenburg and Sr. Engineer Craig Gunter bring PACCAR Winch service to South America.

Hillenburg and Gunter spent two weeks in the Chilean province Bío Bío to help foresters maintain and rebuild CARCO SKW40 skidder winches. The winch, designed to pull 40,000lbs of timber per load over uneven ground, has had an impact on Chile’s thriving forestry industry.

Proper upkeep on all equipment is vital to keeping forestry operations moving. In Chile, an SKW40 can get 70 hours of use per week and pull over 300,000 tons of cut trees per year. Hillenburg and Gunter showed workers how to maintain these units by working with them to break down and rebuild multiple SKW40’s per day. They also interviewed foresters in the Andes Mountains and discussed better field service techniques.

“Everyone thinks we had a vacation…we worked every single day there including both weekends,” says Hillenburg. Though there was a short break to visit an ocean side restaurant in the town of Arauco, most of the visit was focused on learning more about technical needs in the field and teaching long term solutions.

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