A Nine Thousand Mile Service Call

September 03, 2015
Above: Ross reviews planetary carrier assembly.

THAILAND - PACCAR Winch Training Manager Clint Ross and Sales Manager Roger Burgoon traveled almost 9 thousand miles to meet with customers in Thailand.

The two Winch team members were on a mission to train and assist colleagues in Southeast Asia to maintain equipment and identify future growth opportunities.

Ross, who handles technical service training programs, conducted two hands-on service school courses and certified 26 technicians to maintain and repair Braden hoists in the field. Burgoon met with customers in the area to help identify solutions and needs for the offshore oil industry in the region. Ross and Burgoon worked at several locations during the visit, including Pattaya, Chonburi Province, Sattahip, and Ban Khai, Rayong Province.

While in Thailand, Ross and Burgoon encountered students from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and the U.S. This occasionally led to language barriers during training sessions. Ross’s adaptation of training techniques and the students’ pride in their work made overcoming those barriers possible.

“The employees I taught had a strong desire to learn the product… they worked very hard to learn the material and repair techniques,” says Ross, “I appreciate their enthusiasm… makes all the hard work worth it.”

Find more information about available training programs and certification courses by contacting the PACCAR Winch Service Department at (918) 251-8511. More information on all PACCAR Winch brands and products is available at www.PACCARWinch.com.