Carco and Braden Recovery in Philadelphia

May 13, 2015

PHILADELPHIA, PA - PACCAR Winch winches and hoists played a vital role in the recovery of Amtrak train No. 188. Following the tragic derailment on May 13, a CARCO H140A hydraulic winch, as well as BRADEN CH400A hydraulic hoist, began lifting damaged railcars and moving large debris.

The H140A and CH400A are both mounted on a Mantis 200RS crane operated by Crane Masters. (The stock image displayed, from a previous derailment, shows where the winch and hoist are mounted.)

CARCO and BRADEN have safety capabilities that make them premiere products for sensitive recovery efforts. Safety features on PACCAR winches and hoists include the patented BRADEN brake valve, over-running clutch, and static and dynamic braking for accuracy and control.

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