CARCO, Staying Cool Under Antarctic Pressure

April 02, 2015

ANTARCTICA - PACCAR Winch’s Braden, Gearmatic and Carco products are designed to work in some of the most intense conditions worldwide. It’s no surprise that two Carco 50B tail winches were used for a first-ever expedition across Antarctica in the darkest and coldest months of winter.

The Carco tail winches, attached to two tractors, pulled survival gear, fuel and two large metal shelters across the ice-covered landscape in temperatures, at times, reaching almost -90C (-130F).  This is even more impressive considering that they sat dormant on the frozen continent for four months leading up to the journey.

The Carco winches were vital equipment in getting the team across dangerous and unpredictable crevasse fields with hidden openings measuring up to 45 meters (147 feet) deep and 20 meters (65 feet) wide. The winches recovered the tractors from several smaller crevasses and pulled the team’s equipment over manmade snow bridges onto solid ground.

The Carco winches functioned for a full nine months in the Antarctic cold, proving that PACCAR Winch does manufacture the highest quality winches and hoists. You can read about the expedition and view the crew’s video blog updates  at Find out more about the 50B and all PACCAR Winch products at