BRADEN Impacts Oil & Gas with Re-Engineered PD Hoists

September 02, 2016
Redesigned PD10 and PD 15 hoist pictured above for use in offshore oil & gas.

TULSA, OK - After almost five decades of time-tested service and continuous improvement in the Oil & Gas Industry, the reliable BRADEN PD10 and PD15 hydraulic hoists get a full redesign.

The PD10 and PD15 75B/77B are a new generation of hoist, redesigned for better serviceability and easy installation on offshore and mobile cranes. The new PD10, with 10,000lb line pull, and PD15, with 15,000lb line pull, come at a time when value is extremely important on Oil & Gas rigs.

“This hoist is loaded with improvements for longer use between tear downs,” says Regional Sales Manager Roger Burgoon. “Since they have the same bolt pattern and envelope as the old units, it’s easy and cost effective to install and maintain.”

The new models boast a five year recommended rebuild schedule. This means more hours worked between rebuilds, less downtime and better production in the field. The new units also maintain the same form factor and bolt patterns as the previous PD10 model and share many common parts with other popular BRADEN hoists used in the Oil & Gas Industry. This makes them easy to install and less expensive to service.

The new units are API-2C compliant for personnel handling. For more options and information, check out the PD10 75B/77B and PD15 75B/77B spec sheets, and Legacy Comparison Guide available on, or contact PACCAR Winch by email ( or phone (918-259-1515).