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BRADEN Introduces Synthetic Rope Anchor for TR Series Recovery Winches

January 30, 2023

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma / January 30, 2023 – BRADEN has addressed the question of securely installing synthetic rope for winching applications with the introduction of a new anchoring system for TR Series Recovery Winches. The Synthetic Rope Anchors securely install synthetic rope to provide maximum pulling power with up to 40% less weight compared to steel cable.

BRADEN Synthetic Rope Anchors are designed and tested for all TR Series planetary winches (12,000 lb/5,443 kg to 30,000 lb/13,608 kg rated line pull) with a wedge pocket, including models designed for the UBL and UBX20 Utility Bumper Systems. TR Series winches feature a compact, low profile design that can be high or low mounted for a variety of trailer and towing applications.

To use the anchor, an eye must be spliced into the rope and inserted through the smaller opening of the wedge pocket on the drum. Install the anchor in the eye, then pull the rope until the anchor is fully seated in the pocket. The anchor will secure the rope in the drum.

BRADEN recommends the use of 12-strand single braid pre-stressed rope with breaking strength of 23,900 lb/10,841 kg (TR12 and TR15) or 34,000 lb/15,422 kg (TR20 and TR30) or greater. Synthetic rope should be installed on a new winch drum with all burrs and sharp edges removed. The rope should be spooled onto the drum while under tension. For best performance, synthetic rope should not be installed on drums that have previously had wire rope installed. A minimum of 8 wraps are required on the drum for pulling at maximum capacity.

Synthetic rope continues to grow in popularity for utility, trailer and towing, construction, military and other applications. Replacing traditional steel cables can drastically reduce the overall weight of any towing or utility vehicle, particularly those with multiple winches. Abrasion resistant and easy to inspect, synthetic rope is torque neutral, which means it will not twist and is much easier to handle.

Contact PACCAR Winch to learn about synthetic rope anchoring solutions for other BRADEN products.

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