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PACCAR Winch introduces the new BRADEN TR20 planetary Recovery Winch. The TR20 is engineered as the most versatile, durable and efficient 20,000 pound towing and recovery winch available. First, with high or low mount versatility, manual or air freespool clutch, and a compact, low profile, it’s designed to fit your installation needs… making the TR20 perfect for a wide variety of trucks, trailers, and ideal for heavy-duty fleet or occasional recovery applications. The TR20 is a serious, tough, recovery powerhouse… with 20,000 pounds of line pulling force. Packed with strong features including wear-resistant brake seals, oil bath lubrication, and full SAE J706 compliance; the TR20 is rated for continuous duty cycle, confirming its position as the most durable winch in its class. Equipped with a superior, compact hydraulic motor, a next-generation drum used as a bearing shaft, and bearings positioned over the mounting bolts, the TR20 pulls consistently every time, with faster line speed, persistent line pull and NO overheating. It’ll be the most efficient recovery solution you own. So, whether you have one truck or trailer, or a whole fleet, the TR20 is the versatile, durable and efficient choice for your towing and recovery needs.


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