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Rugged Reliability

Born in the rugged American Northwest and developed alongside the world’s first track driven dozers, CARCO is the most trusted brand for tractor winch applications for pipeline, construction and forestry operations.

Strength in Steel

Utilizing its new patented “Carcometal,” Pacific Car and Foundry Company (now PACCAR) launched the CARCO brand in 1932 with the introduction of the HS-101. This was the first tractor winch with a fully housed gear train and anti-friction bearings in an oil bath. It minimized downtime with a one-piece cast steel case that kept the shafts and bearings aligned.

The first CARCO logging and yarding winches followed soon after in 1934 and 1936.

Engineered for Optimal Performance

Today’s equipment is designed to adapt to multiple working conditions while improving operator comfort, reducing fatigue, and creating safer, more productive lifting and pulling environments.

In addition, CARCO engineers work closely with equipment manufacturers to ensure each winch performs optimally with different tractor models.

Product Spotlight: H50 Hystat Tail Winch

One of the newest CARCO tail winches, the H50 Hystat includes a dedicated closed loop hydrostatic circuit and is equipped with market-leading electronic controls. This introduction propels CARCO to the forefront of compatibility in the 50,000 lb (22,680 kg) line pull class in terms of working with contemporary crawler dozers outfitted with smart machine technology.

CARCO Product Lines

Tractor Winches

SB Series

Rated Line Pull:
18,000-25,000 lb (8,165-11,340 kg)

SK Series

Rated Line Pull:
40,000 lb (18,144 kg)


Rated Line Pull:
50,000-70,000 lb (22,680-31,751 kg)

H Series

Rated Line Pull:
40,000-200,000 lb (18,144-90,718 kg)

CARCO Product Applications