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Product Features Video | 2:48
Tech Tip: Worm Gear vs. Planetary Gear Systems
A general overview of worm gear and planetary gear systems, including their advantages and limitations.
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Service and Maintenance Video | 2:06
Tech Tip: Serial and Model Numbers
Where to find the serial number and model number on PACCAR Winch products as well as the information these numbers provide.
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Product Features Video | 1:57
Tech Tip: Free Fall Options for Planetary Hoists
A comparison of free fall options available for PACCAR Winch planetary hoists. These systems release a suspended load, allowing it to lower quickly using gravity.
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Product Features Video | 2:12
Tech Tip: Winches, Hoists and Drives
A look at the differences between winches, hoists and gear drives.
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Product Features Video | 5:06
Hydraulic Motors Overview
This video provides an overview of four common types of hydraulic motors. An industry expert highlights the features of Gerotor/Geroler, Gear, Vane and Piston hydraulic motors that are used in winches, hoists and drives across the globe.
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Service and Maintenance Video | 1:35
Tech Tip: Vent Relief Valve
Tech Tip Video: How to inspect and replace the vent relief valve (breather valve, vent plug) on a winch, hoist or drive.
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