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From Quick-Shift to Hydraulic Motors

Gearmatic began in 1946 in Vancouver, British Columbia, when founder Frank Lawrence introduced the quick-shift Gearmatic transmission. In addition to this and other innovative products, Lawrence developed a mechanical winch which was enthusiastically accepted by the logging industry in the Pacific Northwest. In 1960, the company built the first winch driven by a hydraulic motor with planetary gearing and a hydraulic motor (Model 11/11E).

For Today’s Mobile Crane, Marine and Infrastructure Applications

In 1963, Pacific Car and Foundry Company (now PACCAR) acquired Gearmatic. An early pioneer in planetary gear train designs known for producing well-built products and maintaining exceptionally high standards of quality, Gearmatic introduced ROTO-VERSAL drives in 1968 receiving the trademark the following year.

Today, the Gearmatic brand is focused on hydraulic planetary winches and hoists for mobile crane, marine and pipelaying applications.

Gearmatic Product Lines


GH Series

Rated Line Pull:
15,000-44,000 lb (6,804-19,958 kg)


TD Series

Rated Line Pull:
17,000-220,000 Nm (12,539-162,264 lb-ft)

Gearmatic Product Applications

Oil & Gas