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Oil Boom-ing Business

In 1924, Glenn T. Braden founded the Braden Steel Corporation in Tulsa, OK, and began to supply equipment for the booming oil industry. The original Reliable-Braden (R-B) Hub Winch was built into the back of the hub of a truck wheel. The capstan-style design found wide acceptance in both oilfield and utility use.

Setting the Standard

The first oil-soaked safety brake used in the winch industry was patented by BRADEN in 1927, setting the standard for worm gear hoisting winches. The company also introduced the first conventional horizontal winch for truck bed mounting in 1928.

The BRADEN PD Series was launched in 1967. Specifically engineered for use on mobile and offshore cranes for construction and marine applications, the PD hydraulic hoists were BRADEN’s first self-contained “power drum” units with gearing located inside the drum. The larger capacity BRADEN CH (Construction Hoist) Series followed in 1968.

Focusing on Innovation

In 1981, BRADEN solved an important problem in relation to energy absorption and dynamic braking, particularly for vertical lifts, by developing the BRADEN Brake Valve. Long-time BRADEN engineer Dave Johnson is credited for crafting the “brains of the winch.”

The patented BRADEN Brake Valve was hailed as a significant advancement in terms of efficiency by offering operators greater speed variability alongside smoother lifting and lowering capabilities and more reliable load control.

Product Spotlight: TRS Synthetic Rope

The new TRS Synthetic Rope from BRADEN is engineered and tested to complement TR Series Planetary Recovery Winches, which have rated line pulls from 12,000 to 30,000 lb (5,443 to 13,608 kg). Four times lighter than comparable sizes of steel cable, TRS Synthetic Rope helps mitigate the overall weight of essential utility and service truck equipment, especially when paired with lightweight BRADEN UBL or UBX Winch Bumper Systems.

BRADEN Product Lines

Recovery Winches

TR Series

Rated Line Pull:
12,000-30,000 lb (5,443-13,608 kg)

HP Series

Rated Line Pull:
35,000-160,00 lb (15,876-72,575 kg)

Low Mount Series

Rated Line Pull:
8,000-35,000 lb (3,629-15,876 kg)

Upright Series

Rated Line Pull:
10,000-100,000 lb (4,536-68,039 kg)


BG Series

Rated Line Pull:
3,000-8,000 lb (1,361-3,629 kg)

PD Series

Rated Line Pull:
7,000-21,000 lb (3,175-9,525 kg)

CH Series

Rated Line Pull:
16,500-64,000 lb (7,484-29,030 kg)


WR Series

Rated Line Pull:
3,390-4,519 Nm (30,000-40,000 lb-in)

SD Series

Rated Line Pull:
2,260-12,428 Nm (20,000-110,000 lb-in)

BD Series

Rated Line Pull:
16,270 Nm (12,000 lb-ft)

Specialty Products

Utility Bumper Systems

Rated Line Pull:
6,000-35,000 lb (2,722-15,876 kg)


Rated Line Pull:

DRH Series

Rated Line Pull:
45,000-55,000 lb (20,412-24,948 kg)


Rated Line Pull:
40,000 lb (18,144 kg)

BRADEN Product Applications