Specialty Products

The BP200C is designed to deliver power and control for underground cable pulling and tower erection applications. Motor, gearing and braking systems have been improved for better performance. The active level wind system prevents rope from kinking, backlashing and bird nesting.

Features & Benefits

  • Active level wind system for efficient cable spooling
  • Adjustable low-drag free spool system for pulling cable manually
  • Two-speed motor for low speed torque and feathering control as well as high speed operation
  • Sprag clutch eliminates fallback during reel out operations
  • Reduced heat generation during long continuous duty pulls
  • Available with or without drive shafts for versatility (3 length options)
  • Underwound and overwound cable configurations available


Specialty Products
Rated Line Pull:
20,000 lb (9,072 kg)