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The Tail Winch Connection: Leslie Equipment and CARCO

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An article, titled “New Electronic Controls Reduce Install Time, Streamline Integration of Hydrostatic Tail Winch,” appeared in a September 2022 edition of OEM Off-Highway magazine. A recap of an original case study takes a closer look at a new installation package with electronic controls, reducing an equipment dealer’s service bay times for the CARCO H50 hydrostatic tail winch. It has paved the way for near-seamless integration of controls in the cabs of crawler dozer host machines.

A Case Study: Leslie Equipment and PACCAR Winch

Leslie Equipment partnered with PACCAR Winch to help reduce service bay times and boost installation efficiencies centered around the CARCO H50 hydrostatic tail winch.

The Client

Established in 1968, West Virginia-based Leslie Equipment has eight locations in West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio. The company has been a John Deere equipment dealer for more than 38 years.

The Issue

The original CARCO H50 hydrostatic tail winch installation process required considerable time and effort, often involving cab modifications and complex hydraulic connections.

The Solution

Leslie Equipment and PACCAR Winch worked together to develop a faster, better solution, recognizing the growing demand for easier-to-install, integrated equipment for improved efficiency and operator comfort.

The Outcome

The CARCO H50 hydrostatic winch with electronic controls aligns perfectly with the trend of smart machine technology in crawler dozers like the John Deere 700L. The package offers significant advantages in terms of cost savings, safety and productivity.

The Results

By offering customers a faster, more seamless winch installation, Leslie Equipment reduced service bay times and expedited integration with existing equipment, translating into an improved experience for the dealership and their customers.

This new install package streamlined the entire process, reducing installation time by nearly 18 hours and eliminating the need for cab alterations.

What Are People Saying About CARCO H50 Electronic Controls?

Tim Dowd, PACCAR Winch: “With the previous hydraulic controls version, installation…required cutting and welding…Now there are only two hoses and a wire harness to run and connect…It can be removed and (the dozer) can be returned to its original condition.”

Myron Brooker, Leslie Equipment: “Our big push was for better integration with the machine…This way, we’re not modifying a $300,000 platform to install your product. We are integrating the technology with pre-existing components that fit; that match the inside of the cab.”

Floyd Hendrix, PACCAR Winch: “The model includes highly efficient brake timing and safety interlocks for all hydraulic functions…We can now fine-tune the winch through the winch controller for optimum performance.”

Insights Beyond Installation

PACCAR Winch offers OEMs and dealer organizations more than just custom-engineered products:

  1. Technical Aptitude and Support

Dealers can tap into deep winch engineering and manufacturing experience for customized solutions and troubleshooting, helping ensure optimal performance in every application. The ability to readily answer technical questions, provide field support, and collaborate on complex projects empowers equipment dealer confidence when tackling complex projects and challenges.

  1. Consultative Approach

A consultative approach goes beyond transactions, offering insights, market trends, and optimization strategies to help OEMs and dealers thrive in the ever-evolving construction landscape.

  1. Unwavering Supply Chain

Downtime costs money. Ensuring that OEMs and dealers have parts readily available minimizes wait times and keeps operations running smoothly.

  1. Performance Engineering

End users expect reliable performance, even in the most demanding applications. The CARCO H50 boasts features like a hydrostatic drive for efficient power, multi-disc brakes for precise control, and multi-roller fairlead for optimal wire rope handling. It is designed and tested to withstand the toughest environments.

  1. Industry Know How

Industry specific experience, from forestry to construction, translates into more knowledgeable and productive partnerships, as well as streamlined results. By combining and leveraging expertise, market shifts can be navigated more confidently.

In Conclusion

The newest CARCO H50 winch is powered by a dedicated, closed-loop hydrostatic circuit and equipped with market leading electronic controls.

Hydrostatic winches offer inherent safety advantages including the ability to run in high-duty cycles without generating excessive heat. Oil lubricated, multi-disc braking systems allow for operation in forward and reverse, and provide more control when working on slopes or in other unforgiving conditions.

In-cab electronic controls that blend seamlessly with existing cab components go a long way in helping minimize operator fatigue and improve visibility. They align with the trend of smart machine technology in dozers like the John Deere 700L.

The winch is self-contained and easily removable, allowing for repurposing the equipment for different applications.

Organizations such as Leslie Equipment and their customers are finding additional value in faster installations, reliable performance, expert support and proven partnerships.

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