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Altec Boom: New AC65E Crane Equipped with BRADEN Hoists

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An article, titled “Altec and PACCAR Winch team up on new boom truck,” appeared in KHL’s March 2023 edition of American Cranes and Transport. The AC65E-155S, Altec’s largest crane, was launched with a value proposition for the utility and construction segments and is outfitted with two BRADEN PD15B hoists. Here’s our recap of the original article.

Case In Point: Altec and BRADEN

Altec worked closely with PACCAR Winch to ensure safety and efficiency, as well as versatile performance and optimized functionality, when designing a new boom truck to meet the rigorous demands of the utility and construction industries.


Altec serves the electric utility, telecommunications, tree care, lights and signs, and contractor markets with equipment sold in over 100 countries. They offer telescopic boom trucks with load ratings up to 65 tons and sheave heights ranging up to 215 feet.

Industry Needs

Industries like electric utilities and construction rely on robust up-and-over lifting capabilities. The ability to work around impediments or obstructions safely and effectively, while maintaining a relatively small setup envelope, is crucial to productivity.

Hoist Solutions

Equipped with industry-leading BRADEN PD15B hoists, the AC65E-155S is Altec’s largest crane. Built for mobility, it boasts a six-section main boom extending 155 feet, 130,000 pounds of lifting capacity, and a jib that can hydraulically articulate under load from 0 to -80 degrees.

Launch Outcomes

Heavy objects are no match for the AC65E, even at a distance. The crane was introduced with a strong value proposition for operators in the utility and construction market segments who demand fast and precise load handling. BRADEN’s “power drum” hoist design and patented brake valve provide superb control and reliability.

Customer Centered: Sources Weigh In

Zak Hilliard, Altec: “This is about high-production architecture, not a lot of different versions…We don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time to get to market.”

Jose Segura, PACCAR Winch: “…every customer interaction is very specific. We are meeting to make sure we can be as responsive as possible. It’s engineer-to-engineer, whatever the situation calls for…”

Zak Hilliard, Altec: “We make a good, tough product. The components we have selected have been optimized to get the most performance out of the winch and the most value out of the crane for this new application…”

Altec’s ongoing collaboration with BRADEN and first-hand, long-term experience with PD Series hoists on a range of equipment aided during optimization and a quicker validation process. Exacting needs specifications were met as part of an efficient hoist component assessment.

Partnership Impacts

  • Integrated performance: By integrating components known to be performance engineered, confidence in product reliability and market competitiveness can be enhanced.
  • Efficient assessment: Rigorous testing procedures ensure specification requirements are met, resulting in minimal risk and empowering efficient hoist component assessment.
  • Accelerated development: Standardized hoists can be “pre-qualified” across different crane models, with no need to “reinvent the wheel,” enabling faster time to market.

Confident Approach

Safety and efficiency will always be primary factors across industries. Leading OEMs operating in the truck-mounted hydraulic mobile crane class are unwilling to sacrifice top performance and reliability.

The benefits of long-term relationships in OEM equipment and component manufacturing are evident in enduring partnerships such as Altec and BRADEN. A risk reduction associated with bringing new products to the market can be achieved through performance engineering partnerships. Altec’s commitment to understanding customer needs is reflected in the enduring quality of their products.

Conclusion: Actionable Results

BRADEN and Altec share a focus on innovative lifting solutions and excellence in material handling equipment capabilities. Collaboration for the new AC65E boom truck was focused on utilization of proven, reliable components that are engineered to the highest standards.

Furthermore, the alignment between Altec and PACCAR Winch allows for ongoing improvements and updates tailored to specific crane models, reflecting a dynamic and responsive approach to product development and meeting specific needs in industries including utility and construction.

Where duty cycles are regarded, swing-seat boom trucks with a higher reach and elevated capacity can allow bigger jobs to be completed without having to transport a crawler crane. The AC65E delivers on high mobility and precision hoisting capabilities.

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